Welcome to my new site

I’ve established a brand new site and moved from my old one. I originally used Squarespace because of its ease, but for a writer found it very limiting. You could only use newsletters that Squarespace allowed you to use and, quite frankly, it was a pain to try and promote your writing.

There are still limitations on this platform (I’ve moved to wordpress.com), but once I start getting things going, I may look to move to wordpress.org. Once that happens, I should be able to easily be able to download content from here onto another site.

That’s the plan, at least.

I may not even have to go that route. I’m just a simple scribbler of words and don’t need anything fancy. Just a way to connect with you, my reader.

I hope you stick around, visit, gander, sit a spell. I hope you even buy a book.

If not, then let us just talk, read and learn a bit about each other. And learn a bit about me.

You’re most humble town crier,


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