You Got A Pair?

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I’m announcing today the latest project I am working on and an upcoming book I hope to publish soon and bring to the world.
What is it?
The book is a book on writing and how to get better at it. The title?
“Write Like You Gotta Pair.”
Time and time again, I see one thing holding readers back from going after their dreams. Insecurity. They lack the self-confidence to go after their dreams and go after the possibility of making money from writing. But making money from writing can be done.
Take it from me. I’ve been a professional writer for more than two decades. During that period, I’ve published in some of the largest newspapers and my fiction and poetry in several magazines. I also self-published a book, written two others, and am in the process of writing three other books at this time.
In short, I write like I gotta pair.
I can’t wait to go on this journey with you and be sure to keep up-to-date on this blog.

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