Enter the Cage

We are here.

Well, close, but not yet.

Where is here? It’s the Cage of the World, a new fantasy series by me that will be parts epic, parts grimdark, parts high fantasy. 

But it will be all me.

This week, I dropped the cover to my new book that will come out in January called “Fire Reborn.” At this moment, I am in the midst of editing the novella and going through my draft stages. As January comes, the novella will be available to order digitally and in paperback on Amazon. There will be a bonus, though. If you sign up for my newsletter at that point, you will be able to download a digital copy for free.

Fire Reborn covers a 12-hour battle between armies from the North and the South. In the end, there’s a bit of a surprise. So, I’m anxious for you all to read it. It’s the start of a pretty cool freaking journey I have in my head. And it’s just beginning.

Right now, I’m writing the first full-length novel for the series and hope to get that in your hands by the summer. I hope once you read Fire Reborn, you won’t be able to wait to read the next part.

It’s going well. I’m 5,000 words in and already stoked about where it’s going.

Let’s do this.

Let’s try to escape the cage.

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